Heavy Metal Platinum Stereo Set

Heavy Metal Platinum Stereo Set

Bold Platinum toned Heavy Metal Body for rich powerful music anywhere.

Small enough to fit in your pocket, but big enough to fill a room with your favorite jam.
Metal, Classical, Country, Hip-Hop, Pop or Rock, they all sound great from you’re my Heavy Metal Bluetooth Speakers.

The Stereo Set (Two Speakers) includes a charging dock to quickly charge both speakers at once.

Having Two speakers allows you to take full advantage of My Heavy Metal's state-of-the-art Bluetooth Technology featuring True Wireless Stereo (TWS) sound. Real Left Channel / Right Channel Audio from a pocket-size powerhouse. Each one can also be used individually.

My Heavy Metal speakers even have a built-in mic for great hands-free options. Can connect with Alexa or Google, take calls, or work with other apps that require a mic.